Safe Swaps Review: A scam? Or legitimate?

If you haven’t yet heard about safe swaps, then you have been missing out on quite a lot. Or you probably know about the service but are hesitant to sign up. This is understandable considering that there are many untrustworthy services online. I wouldn’t expect you to join without reading a safe swaps review from an active member. As a member who has been enjoying the benefits of safe swaps for the past year, I am going to use this safe swaps review to provide with all the information you will ever need on this awesome product.

So what is safe swaps?
Essentially, it is an online platform that provides its community of online marketers interested in promoting their services and in list building with a platform to exchange solo mail listings and solo ads with other members in the community. As a registered member, you can search for other members and choose which swappers are right for you. On safe swaps, you can check how other members have been previously rated, the size of their lists and even comments made by other members. For those who do no have any mailing list to swap, they can still purchase solo ads. In fact, this is how most members build their lists. Additional features such as your personal swap calendar, swipe copy and auto responder integration all make the actual swiping process as easy as clicking your mouse. This safe swaps review is going to show you why it is the most reputable online ad and list swapping service and why it keeps growing everyday.

safe swaps review

Safe swaps review – positives

So what sets safe swaps apart from other services?
I) Ability to exchange solo ads with other at no cost
If you already have a few solo ads of your own, you would not actually have to purchase any when using the system. You only have to join the site and start looking for other members whose list are as big (or small) as yours and just swap your ads with them. They will send their list into your list and you will in turn, send yours to theirs safely – hence the name safe swaps.

II) The ability to read real reviews before swapping or purchasing solo ads
Before spending your money on solo ads, safe swaps provides you with the ability to know what other member who previously transacted with the person you intend to purchase the ad from have to say. Other information provided includes the clicks, stats and ratings that the marketer has received for every solo ad from other members before you. This safe swaps review system is one of the things that makes this one of the safest and most efficient platforms on the web.

With other services, is common to find mailing get unresponsive mailing lists. Safe swaps protects you from this by providing important stats such as the opt-in ratio to clicks of each list. If a list isn’t get at least 20 % conversion rate, then you should probably not swap with that partner.

Is it genuine?
Safe swaps has thousands of registered members around the world. Apart from providing you with free membership from which you can confirm some of the features, there are many a safe swaps review written by members that can provide you with information on how the service works.

How much do you have to pay for solo ads on safe swaps?
he price of each ad really depends on the marketer you are involved with. Some solo ads retail at $25 for every 100 clicks while others can retail for as high as $40 to $60 for every 100 clicks. To ensure that you get the best deal, consider your budget and look for ads that fall within that range and carefully read through the reviews given for that user before selecting the moss suitable on for your business.

Can using safe swaps help you make sales and generate leads?
If you have been working online for sometime, you are probably aware that there is no product that can guarantee success in online marketing since its is impossible to know what type of product of services everybody on your mailing list prefers, online marketing can be petty much hit and miss. But what has been proven to work best in most solo online ad marketing campaigns is sending you traffic to a lead capture page but with a free offer. It can be anything from free books, to free training or trail periods. Secondly, the most efficient way of increase your traffic to lead conversion is only requesting for an email address on the lead capture page. Immediately asking for phone numbers, addresses and names can significantly lower your conversion rate. Only ask for this information from those who have already confirmed their interest in your products or services. Remember, most sales can only be generated if you follow up interest with an impressive email campaign for the first seven days or so. Having a quality auto responder loaded with well structured, pre-written emails can do this for.

Considering that there are no guarantees when it comes to online marketing, your best bet is to have as many people as possible on your mailing list. Safe swaps makes it possible for you to get fresh email addresses from all kinds of businesses.

Safe swaps video tutorial

How much does then service cost?
Joining safe swaps is free, but the free membership will only give you access to limited feature. For full access to all safe swaps’s features, you can get premium membership for only $29 a month. However, this Safe swaps review will show how you can easily recover this fee.

Can you make money from the safe swaps site?
Apart from providing you with a platform to increase the length of your mailing list, joining safe swaps also gives you the opportunity to make money by selling your own solo ads to other members. With a good reputation, you can easily recover your membership fees within a very short time through these sales. If you don’t have you own initial mailing list, you can purchase solo ads and keep swapping them with others till you build your own list which you can sell to new members.

Safe swaps review conclusion
I joined the site after reading a detailed safe swaps review of what the service is about and since then I find it hard to imagine how I used to cope without it. It is now easy to get fresh mailing lists safely. The eBay-like feedback/rating system makes it easy for you to identify trustworthy swappers. If you are smart, you can run “one time offer” campaigns and make some money on the side while still building up your list.

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